DACA, Dreamers Still Face Crippling Uncertainty

Posted by Leila Ebrahimi

Days after the tenth anniversary of DACA, dreamers still face crippling uncertainty. As President Obama cautioned ten years ago, this program was always supposed to be a temporary solution and not a permanent fix. Wednesday, June 15th marked the ten-year anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative. Since 2012, approximately 825,000 individuals have been granted DACA status. 76,000 of these individuals have become green card holders and roughtly 4,000 more have become US citizens. Their economic contributions and educational achievements have been mutually beneficial for themselves and the country as a whole. Thousands of DACA recipients have worked tirelessly during this country's COVID-19 crisis on the frontlines of healthcare, education, transportation and retail.

Yet the future of the DACA program is still mired in uncertainty. Permanent protections have not been attained and while the Biden administration has been adamantly defending the Dreamers, their future lies in the hands of Congress. All eyes are on the case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which will take place in a few short weeks.

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