» National Interest Waiver

What if there is a job change while the NIW petition is pending?

If your employer sponsors your NIW petition, a new petition may have to be filed. If you petition for yourself, changing employers should not affect the status of the case. The new position must continue to satisfy the requirements of the NIW.

When submitting letters of recommendation for NIW, what information should be included?

  1. Qualifications of the recommender: A description of the recommender establishing their qualifications that qualify them to evaluate your work.
  2. Substantive information: The letter should describe your unique expertise in your field. If the recommendation letter is from your employer or professor, it needs to outline the responsibilities and the requirements of the job you performed. The letters must describe how your endeavors significantly contribute to the U.S. national interest. 

How many recommendation letters should be submitted for NIW?

Generally, it is suggested to submit four to six letters when petitioning for NIW, but there is no specific number.

Is there a minimum requirement of publications or citations for the NIW?

No, this varies because it is all determined by the USCIS on a case-by-case basis.

Is a job offer required for a NIW?


Who can file a petition for NIW?

You may self-petition for NIW or an employer may file on your behalf.