ICE Targeting Sanctuary Cities

ICE is targeting sanctuary cities and ramping up arrests and deportations of undocumented immigrants in these cities. ICE has initiated 24/7 surveillance operations in the neighborhoods of these cities including the homes and places of work of suspected undocumented immigrants. They plan to contract hundreds of officers, as well as hundreds of special agents, to conduct several operations in unmarked vehicles and arrest as many undocumented immigrants as possible in areas where law enforcement refuses to cooperate with ICE. ICE also plans to use BORTAC agents, also known as immigration SWAT teams, in these operations. The Trump administration is focusing on detaining as many undocumented immigrants as possible from sanctuary cities after years of attempting to coerce local governments to turn in their undocumented residents. Because ICE officers cannot legally obtain warrants to remove undocumented immigrants who are not guilty of crimes, they are initiating this aggressive surveillance campaign and are utilizing tactics of intimidation, including the open carry of weapons. ICE is aware of the media observing their movements, so they are conducting their operation in spurts in different cities to catch undocumented immigrants off-guard with little or no time to prepare. The top government official overseeing the division of ICE conducting street arrests, Henry Lucero, is quoted saying “If there’s no cooperation, that’s not going to stop ICE from doing its job. We are still going to try to protect the public as much as we can by arresting and removing criminal aliens from the communities before they can get another crime or make another victim.”

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