I was looking for an immigration lawyer as my company who had sponsored me for L1 visa was soon withdrawing from the US market. As such, I wanted to explore a possibility of working and staying in the US with a self sponsored visa and green card process. ...

I was introduced to Sheila based on a strong recommendation by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who said their portfolio companies only work with her. This recommendation was spot on because prior to Sheila, I had spoken to four different lawyers about my qualification to see whether I qualify for O1/NIW. All four told me that I did not qualify for this visa category (and this even includes a lawyer who works for a giant tech company). They were all proven wrong!

With Sheila, I ended up getting approved for O1 visa twice with two different employers and I obtained my NIW green card after one year.

Sheila is out there to win your case. … My case was very complex but yet Sheila happily took on this challenge, which four other lawyers had turned down. She is the only one who said I qualify and delivered a successful outcome.

Sheila pays attention to your case. I do not come from the typical engineering / science background but I specialize in a particular field of newly emerging business segment. Sheila put in incredibly hard work to learn about my domain field and recommended the best criteria / approach I should go with my immigration process. I had every confidence in how she was handling my case after exchanging my case information.

My advice is simple - you have the best immigration lawyer you can wish for in Sheila.

– Jae

I was looking for the best immigration lawyer to help me to get citizenship because my case was very complex. My choice was Law Offices of Sheila Starkey Hahn. It was very important for me that Sheila has been concentrating only on immigration problems for many years. She doesn’t promise people to help with any other additional things like divorces etc. like many other attorneys do. From start to finish it took 6.5 months to send my papers to USCIS and receive the Certificate of Naturalization, in spite of restricted immigration services for 3+ months owing to the Coronavirus. I definitely attribute the speedy process to Sheila’s professionalism. Do not doubt to put your immigration matters in her hands. She is an excellent professional and amazing person!

– Irina

If anyone is looking for an immigration lawyer I highly recommend Sheila and her law office. They are not only attentive, resourceful, efficient, and detailed but also very kind. I can attest that Sheila will go beyond her ways to make sure your case is approved. Right before our green card interview, Sheila generously offered to be present at our interview without any additional charge since we are graduate students and couldn't afford it. My partner and I are grateful for her kindness and I truly believe she is doing God's work by helping people. You will not only be a client to her, she sees the human in you. Her calm and friendly presence reassured us time and again that we are on the right track. Sheila is undoubtedly the best immigration lawyer you will have working on your case. Exceptional!

– Sarah Z

Attorney Hahn has served as our company's immigration lawyer for over fifteen years. Attorney Hahn is well versed in all matters involving immigration.

– Catherine, Human Resources Director

I came to the US on an F1 visa in 2012 to study computer science. I graduated from UC Davis in 2019. I used my OPT and STEM OPT Extension until it expired in Aug 2022, four months after I got my dream job. This was one month after the deadline for the H1B visa. I couldn't afford to lose it. With the lack of support from my employer, I had to look for other options. A friend of mine suggested looking into getting an O-1 visa, which I didn't know existed before then. I realized I meet 6 of the 8 criteria for the O-1. My hope was rekindled, but not for long, because five law firms refused to take my case, two wanted to charge me $300 for a half hour consultation session, and one told me it would take them 6 months to prepare. That's when I met Sheila! Within one referral email, she was able to "mentally draft" a case for me. Within days, we scheduled our first call, and within minutes, I knew she was the one. Not only her knowledge and experience struck me, but also her genuine care and extremely high work ethics. Literally, she was the only one who not only took my case, but believed in me every step of the way. From brainstorming with me, to drafting the best and strongest case possible, to following up regularly, to surviving an RFE, to calling me and saying, "I'm so happy and excited for you! Now go make great things!" It was an honor, a pleasure, an absolute pleasure to work with Sheila. Get yourself a lawyer who not only knows the system, but also cares about you, and better, believe in you. If you're looking for one, the name is Shelia.

– B

Sheila is an excellent lawyer! I have worked with her for 12 years! She help me to get my work visas, permanent resident and the citizenship! She guided me very well during all steps. She answers emails in a timely manner. In summary, she is a wonderful lawyer!!

– Maritza

I hired her as my attorney for my green card interview. She is very helpful. First, when she did the consultation for me, she talked for about one hour. In fact, that should have been an half an hour consultation. And she provided a lot of information. When helping us prepare the interview, she carefully went over all my documents. And she told us which forms to fill in etc. She knows all the details. During the interview day, she went to interview place even earlier than us. She is such a hard-working attorney. She can even work on weekends, or at nights. There is rarely such attorney that can do this. She is a wonderful attorney. I strongly recommend Sheila to anyone as an immigration attorney!

– Anonymous

Sheila is a great lawyer. She helped me with my asylum Case. I thought I had no chance of winning because my case was very complex and I didn't know how the legal system works in America. She was very friendly, efficient and explained things to me in a way I could understand. If it wasn't for her I would be back in my home country facing extreme hardship and persecution. Thank you so much Sheila.

– Anonymous

[S]he is kindhearted, flexible and very accommodating.

– Alvin

Sheila is a top-performing lawyer that I have had opportunity to render immigration related services from past 4 years. I have been impressed with her in-depth knowledge and expertise along with top notch communication skills and professional demeanor. She has a great patience to answer/clarify all possible questions and ensures that the questions are addressed in timely fashion. With her Law firm's service I always feel I have the pertinent information. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to refer her.

– Adi M.

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