I came to the US on an F1 visa in 2012 to study computer science. I graduated from UC Davis in 2019. I used my OPT and STEM OPT Extension until it expired in Aug 2022, four months after I got my dream job. This was one month after the deadline for the H1B visa. I couldn't afford to lose it. With the lack of support from my employer, I had to look for other options. A friend of mine suggested looking into getting an O-1 visa, which I didn't know existed before then. I realized I meet 6 of the 8 criteria for the O-1. My hope was rekindled, but not for long, because five law firms refused to take my case, two wanted to charge me $300 for a half hour consultation session, and one told me it would take them 6 months to prepare. That's when I met Sheila! Within one referral email, she was able to "mentally draft" a case for me. Within days, we scheduled our first call, and within minutes, I knew she was the one. Not only her knowledge and experience struck me, but also her genuine care and extremely high work ethics. Literally, she was the only one who not only took my case, but believed in me every step of the way. From brainstorming with me, to drafting the best and strongest case possible, to following up regularly, to surviving an RFE, to calling me and saying, "I'm so happy and excited for you! Now go make great things!" It was an honor, a pleasure, an absolute pleasure to work with Sheila. Get yourself a lawyer who not only knows the system, but also cares about you, and better, believe in you. If you're looking for one, the name is Shelia.