Trump’s Plan to Keep Asylum Seekers Out

The Trump administration is secretly taking action to divert migration from the U.S.-Mexico border by implementing a new “fast-track” asylum process. This will relocate asylum-seekers to nations that entered bilateral agreements with the U.S. Considering many migrants coming through the southern border are from Central America, the administration argues that migrants should be seeking asylum in the first “safe” country they enter before coming to the U.S. Migrants may be sent to a country that agreed to take in these asylum-seekers, even if they did not cross through that country. Countries that have entered these agreements include Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras (additional countries are expected to enter these agreements). Applicants could argue that it is “more likely than not” that they will be vulnerable targets in the third country; however, it is not likely that they can prove this successfully. This could potentially destroy all chances for asylum in the U.S. for migrants arriving at the southern border.

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